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This Direct Trade coffee is harvested by our friends at Tanzania’s Shangri-La Estate. To describe this farm as picturesque would be an understatement. Perched on the outer slopes of the Ngorongoro Crater, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the farm offers a breathtaking view of highland plains, home to the proud Maasai people. As part of the Serengeti ecosystem, the crater is also a protected habitat for rhinoceros, lions, and elephants as well as thousands of zebras, wildebeests and gazelles.

At 1,700 meters above sea level, this unique setting also offers ideal natural conditions for coffee trees. The Shangri-La Estate includes trees that are more than ninety years old, nurtured by the fertile volcanic soil and crystal clear, untreated water from the forest. These gifts of nature help create the kind of coffee that we most love to find and roast as our own.

We are roasting our new Direct Trade Tanzania Ngoro Ngoro to a light color, highlighting its bright, strawberry-sweet character and developing its underlying caramel notes. Each purchase supports the Shangri-La Education Foundation and helps to fund improvements to schools in this progressive farming community.